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How Scrum Masters Collaborate

Collaboration is essential Collaboration is an essential practise in agile teams. Scrum Masters realise that complex problems can best be solved by a collaborative community. But how do scrum masters themselves collaborate? We often hear about how scrum improves collaboration (overall), but how do scrum masters help bring about change in organisations? They do this in a […]

Move to stay agile

In today’s world, in my opinion, standing still in your job is the same as committing career suicide–this applies to individuals as well as the teams they work in. The world is moving at a tremendous pace, technologies and their respective ideas are becoming quickly antiquated. The evolving workplace continually challenges people’s roles and responsibilities […]

The 7 Qualities of Highly Effective Teams

It’s been a long time since you last worked with a functional team, you wonder how you can get them to the state where they are simply in synch, cooperating with one another, and effectively getting things done without all the interpersonal problems between them. Your colleagues are trying to convince you that agile is […]